Largemouth Bass are a huge focus of our fishing program at Tar River Co. We are lucky enough to be able to target these fish all year long with a wide variety of tactics. We spend our time targeting Largemouth specifically in our coastal river systems. Our river fish aren't like your run-of-the-mill farm pond bass; these fish are lean, mean, and often times a lot more tricky to catch. Our rivers provide hundreds of miles to hunt for these fish, and many sections we fish hold some exceptionally large fish. Each section we fish in provides a completely unique experience. Some sections are crystal clear and filled with large rocks and swift water while other sections are meandering black water tributaries snaking their way through ancient cypress forests. We focus heavily on targeting these Largemouth with fly tackle and depending on the season we have a

number of tactics we can use. In the warmer summer months, we like to fish a lot of topwater-style flies such as popping bugs, deer hair poppers, and baitfish poppers. This makes for some super exciting action with fish breaching the surface to take the fly.  Moving into the fall months we will target fish with a wide variety of baitfish flies as our fish begin to key in on other fish for a primary food source. Typically fall is one of our most productive times of the year as the fish are in large groups and feeding heavily. Spring is when we spend our time specifically targeting big pre-spawn Largemouth Bass. This can be a difficult time of year with inconsistent flows and moving fish, but the rewards can be worth it.