Large Mouth Bass

The Large Mouth Bass is a staple of our rivers in Eastern North Carolina. You can target these fish 12 months out of the year in countless different situations, anything from fishing sandy lake flats to rocky flowing rivers. Summer and Fall bring low clear water and the opportunity to sight fish in our rivers making for an awesome fishing experience. The Spring offers one of the most unique times to target these fish on sandy lake flats. Be prepared to throw 8 weight fly rods with large flies most days, however, a variety of tactics such as large dry flies and nymphs are used to take fish when the situation calls for it.

Striped Bass (Rockfish)

Sea run Striped Bass, called Rockfish in Eastern NC, provide one of the most productive fisheries anywhere in the world. In the Spring fish migrate up our costal rivers from the ocean to spawn, as these fish move up river they feed veraciously in large schools. Rockfish pull hard and come in numbers. The migration on the Roanoke River is especially productive and produces triple digit days every season. Prime time for the Roanoke is April-May. The Tar river provides a more technical fishery for bigger resident fish. While not as productive as the Roanoke, you usually have the river to yourself and shots at large fish.    

American Shad

American Shad are an anadromous species of gamefish that migrate into North Carolina's coastal river systems starting in the late winter. Dubbed the "Poor Man's Tarpon" by many, these fish are some of the best fighting fish we catch all year. The Tar River boasts one of the best spawning migrations in the world for these fish and double-digit days are not uncommon. These fish average 20"-24" and are targeted primarily with a swung fly, much like Salmon. We use both single-hand and two-hand rods to target these fish from February through April. 

Hickory Shad

Hickory Shad begin their spawning migration up North Carolina's coastal rivers in late winter. These fish are in the rivers thick by March, bringing some of the best fly fishing of the entire year. These fish average 12"-16" and are a blast to catch on the fly rod. When the conditions are right you can catch huge numbers of these fish with a variety of methods. Hickory Shad are a great way to get started swinging flies with a single hand or two hand rod.