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02/06 Fishing Report & Spring Update

Winter Striper fishing has been going strong this month! We have been having some excellent trips on the lower Roanoke River. More fish are pushing into the river as we draw closer to the spring spawn. It can take some searching around to find where these schools of Striper are hiding but when you do find them the fun begins. We have been targeting these fish primarily with light tackle but when the wind has cooperated we have been able to get into the fish on the fly rod. The winter fishing in our lower rivers is a really underappreciated experience. There are miles of rivers to explore that are full of all kinds of wildlife, from eagles to otters, and even in the cold temperatures, these Striped Bass put up a heck of a fight. I have some openings coming up over the next two weeks to catch some of these Striped Bass;

02/09, 02/12, 02/13, 02/15, 02/19, 02/22, 02/26

Send me an email or give me a call for more info on our winter Striped Bass trips.

We have been filling our fly boxes and rigging our rods in preparation for our approaching spring Shad season. This is one of the best times to see what our coastal rivers have to offer while chasing one of the most unique fish species in the state. March is all about Shad for us and we still have a few dates open to target both American and Hickory Shad on the fly or ultralight tackle;

03/10, 03/15, 03/17, 03/21, 03/23, 03/28

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody again for this late winter & spring season! It is slated to be the busiest yet and I couldn't be more excited about showing folks all the great things we have to offer on our coastal rivers in the spring.

See you all on the water,

Capt. Will

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