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Shad, Stripers, Largemouth. Spring is Here.

March has begun and with it warm temperatures have begun to usher in our favorite season of the year, Spring. Our fishing program really comes alive this month; we have the beginning of our migratory fishery for Shad and Striped Bass, as well as our pre-spawn largemouth program focusing on targeting trophy sized fish with a fly. This really is a time of the year where there is something for every angler to get excited about.

We have started our Shad season strong with healthy catches of both American & Hickory Shad through both the Tar and Roanoke River systems. With the warm temperatures this week we expect the fishing to really kick into high gear. As always our river levels are ever changing and this year it looks like we will have a healthy amount of water compared to our last two low water years. This gives us access to water that we haven't gotten to fish a whole lot in the past few years- and most importantly, spread out from some of the crowds that our spring fishery can produce. 

While the main event for the next 5 weeks is most certainly our Shad fishing, this year I am focusing a lot more of my time on some of our newer offerings. For the past five years or so I have been on a mission to develop a program to specifically target trophy bass, with a fly rod in our river systems. It’s taken a long time to discern a pattern and figure out the best techniques, but after years of trial and error I can confidently say we have found something very unique. This program is something our more seasoned anglers will really enjoy. Our days are spent hunting for truly large fish with very visual fly fishing techniques. If you are looking for something new and exciting in our area, this program is not one to miss. I will be running these trips now through June and you can find all the specific trip information on our AnyCreek page under “Warm Water Float Trip”.

The calendar has been filling up steadily for us but we still have a few more dates to get on the Shad run this March. Our open dates are below:

Capt. Will: 03/28-30

Capt. Caleb: 03/13-15, 03/18, 03/21-24

We also still have plenty of availability for our Spring Striper season on the Roanoke 04/15-05/15.

Make sure to check out our AnyCreek page at the link below to book your trip directly online.

We have some fun stuff coming up this month. Firstly, we will be at Shad Fest with Orvis-Raleigh on March 16th talking all things shad- from tackle, to techniques and everything in between. We are also working on some fun media projects that we will be releasing throughout this month.


Capt. Will       

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