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Fishing Report July 28th

It was another successful week of fishing on the Tar River. The temperatures have been high and the water is as clear as it gets. The Large Mouth Bass fishing has been challenging but anglers have still been able to pluck out a few fish by putting in the work. Persistence and a well-placed cast will be rewarded. The Roanoke Bass and Panfish are all fired up with this warm weather and provide ample entertainment on a light rod for anglers of any skill level. The river is running at its summer flows of around 100 CFS and will likely stay in the window through August. The annual cicadas have been starting to show themselves more this past week and the bug fishing should begin sometime this week and continue through August/September. The key to success bug fishing for Large Mouth is to slow down. You want to fish your topwater bug almost like a dry fly when trout fishing. Drifting bugs in front of structure like cut banks, rock piles, and log jams for your best bet to get an eat. Streamer fishing can still produce right now but reading the fishes' body language is key. Hot water means lower dissolved oxygen content which means slower fish. The key is to elicit a quick reactionary strike from a fish by getting the fly right next to the fish.

There are still dates available to get out on the Tar River from August into the Fall. The low and clear water game can be frustrating at times, but watching a fish chase down your fly in clear water is an ample reward. The abundance of willing panfish around makes for a great time to get a beginner into fly fishing. Give me a shout to get your Tar River Trip planned!

Be sure to also check out the new blog post going in-depth into fly line and leader choices for the low and clear water Bass fishing. You can find the post here.

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