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Winter Fishing Report + Spring Fishing Opportunities 2024

The new year has begun with a much needed run of rain, raising our coastal river up and bringing in the first fish of our migratory season. We have been finding success targeting Striped Bass on the lower end of our rivers over the past few weeks and have been seeing more fish show up every day. This is one of the best winter fisheries we have in the state and it is a treat to catch these fish on secluded rivers surrounded by the beautiful Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge. 

I will be running these winter Striper trips through the end of February- it is a great way to beat that winter cabin fever. Don’t let the cold weather deter you- some of our best Striper days we see all year come from our winter season. It is a great time to dial in finesse tactics with both conventional tackle and heavy sinking lines on the fly rod. Our trips typically run from 9am- 3pm and we provide all tackle required and an option for a hot or cold lunch. 

As winter turns to spring our rivers come alive with a ton of great fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. The Hickory Shad migration begins in late February and runs through early April- there is no better time for anglers of all skill levels to experience our beautiful coastal river systems, while catching a whole lot of fish. The American Shad run follows closely and can give even the most well traveled anglers a unique and exciting experience targeting powerful sea-run fish. We have multiple trip options this time of year- from half day excursions to multi-day all inclusive trips. This is our region's most unique, and productive fishery. I am looking forward to another season of sharing this incredible resource with guests.  

As our Shad run starts to slow down in early April we will shift our focus back to our migratory Striped Bass. By this time fish will be scattered throughout our rivers as schools make their way to the spawning ground on the upper reaches of the rivers. We are some of the only guides that fish this migration in its entirety, and our program reflects that. We do not limit ourselves to one section of river and you will often find us exploring new areas on our rare days off this time of year. Whether you are looking to catch a large volume of fish on conventional tackle, or looking to trophy hunt larger fish in small water, we have an option for you. We can accommodate large groups with our network of professional guides on the river this time of year, and can tailor a trip to the particular experience you are looking for. We run our spring Striper Season from April through the first week of June.

2023 was an excellent year of sharing the boat with wonderful new and returning guests. I am looking forward to another busy and productive Spring season on our coastal rivers in eastern North Carolina!

*A note on Alaska 2024 at Tikchik Narrows Lodge;

I will be returning for my 8th year at Tikchik Narrows Lodge in Bristol Bay, Alaska this June. As many know, this is an absolute world class operation in the heart of the world's best freshwater fishing. If anyone has been looking to check this incredible destination off their bucket list we have limited availability for the coming season and I would love to help you plan your trip of a lifetime!   

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