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09/23 - Fall bass fishing

We wrapped up another great season at Tikchik Narrows Lodge just a few weeks ago, and after a summer of chasing big Trout & Salmon, I am glad to be back home in North Carolina. After a few weeks, I have been able to get the boat back in the water and check out some of my favorite Fall fishing spots. The water in the Tar is running low and clear right now, navigation in a lot of sections is tricky but we have been able to make it work. The clear water has made for some of the most exciting sight fishing I've had on the river. Being able to target a specific fish and watch it chase, and eat your fly is a thrilling experience. I have mostly been fishing the upper Tar River, targeting Large Mouth Bass. Averaging 1-3 lbs. these fish pull hard for there size and are starting to get very aggressive as the weather starts cooling. As long as we don't have a massive rain event this fishing should continue through

Tar River Large Mouth

November. Although the low water has limited our water the places we can access have been very productive. It is a very unique experience being able to see everything going on in the water in a river as full of life as the Tar. We have been seeing schools of hundreds of gizzard shad cruising through the river, dozens of Gar piled against the banks, and small schools of Large Mouth exploding bait against the banks. It truly is a great time to get on the water down East. I have availability throughout the Fall and will continue to post fishing reports through the season. Don't miss out on this unique fishery!

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