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July 2020 Update

July has been off to a great start on the coastal rivers. I have been out on both the Tar and the Neuse over the past few weeks and both systems are really starting to get rolling. The Neuse has been running a little cold for this time of year but the fish don't seem to mind a bit. The Tar has finally cleared up after all the rain and the fish are hungry and hunting. This is one of the few places in Eastern NC where you can fish some truly clear water.

The Largemouth Bass fishing on both systems has been consistent with baitfish and topwater patterns producing. It has been a lot of cookie-cutter 14"-16" fish, but they still put up a heck of a fight on the fly rod. These hungry fish are fairly forgiving and a great target for the beginner to the intermediate angler.

The sight fishing game has been absolutely phenomenal in the past few weeks. I've spent a lot of time on the Bowfin with great success. Gar fishing has been getting better every day as the water warms up, and should continue to improve through August. The Carp have been starting to move up shallow and provide an exciting challenge for even the most experienced anglers. The sight fishing game is NOT easy but can be incredibly rewarding when everything comes together.

I am working to post more content this month breaking down some of the tactics I use on our rivers around here. I will be touching on fly design, leader builds, casting angles, and a whole lot more. If there is a warm-water fishing topic you have wanted to learn more about drop me a line and it may end up on the blog. Sign up for the email list (here) for this content as well as deals on trips and more.

All in all the summer season is truly in full swing. The coastal rivers are a great place to get your fly fishing fix close to home. There is availability throughout July & August on both river systems. Give me a call to get your trip on the books.

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