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Warm Water Wrap Up - Alaska Time

Our spring warm water season came to an end this week- now the bags are getting packed for another season at Tikchik Narrows Lodge in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Yesterday I ran my last guide trip of the season on the lower Roanoke River targeting Largemouth Bass and doing some sight fishing for Gar. Our spring warm water program was really successful this year- we were able to show a lot of folks some of our more underrated fisheries on the coastal rivers. Top water Largemouth fishing, sight fishing for Gar & Bowfin and popping bugs for panfish are all some of my favorite things to do with a fly rod. While most folks over the past few years have gotten on our boats in search of the phenomenal migratory fish that seasonally enter our rivers, I have always pushed for more guests to experience our resident fisheries. My favorite of all of these has to be our Largemouth Bass- the number of different techniques we can employe to target these fish with a fly rod make them an absolute blast. The fish are strong, acrobatic fighters and can be found in a wide variety of waters in our area.

Our guests favorite from this spring had to be our sight fishing program for Longnose Gar and Bowfin. Seeing big laid up fish in clear water and placing a fly correctly and watching the fish eat it is something usually reserved for salt water fly fishing- but we have it in our own backyard. Most of these fish receive little to no pressure and actually want to eat your fly- watching a four foot long gar chase your fly full speed to the boat is bound to get anyone's heart racing.

After a few weeks of long days on the boat in 90 degree weather, my approaching flight to Alaska is looking better and better. At the end of the week I'm headed north for a sixth year in Bristol Bay. Capt. Caleb arrived at the lodge at the beginning of the week and is already busy helping to get everything set up for our guests to arrive. I'm excited to see my Tikchik family and fish with both our returning and new guests. As always, internet connection is going to be limited, but I will still be able to be reached via email throughout the season. I'll be back in North Carolina in mid September and will be hitting the ground running for our fall Largemouth season.

Our fall Largemouth season is the best time to target trophy sized fished on a fly rod. The Tar & Roanoke along with their tributaries will all be in play from September through mid November. Large streamers and top water flies are our go-to this time of year and the eats can be visual and exciting. We will be fishing out of our Jones Brother's skiff as well as some new watercraft too access some of our smaller more remote waters- stay tuned for more info this summer. If you're interested in getting on the water for our fall season shoot us an email and we can start planning your fall Largemouth trip.

Thanks to all the great clients that came out to participate in our spring warm water program! It has been a goal of mine for years to show more people are under appreciated warm water resources and we are slowly but surely building an incredible program around these beautiful places and native fish.


Capt. Will Paul

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